The law of garbage truck – David Pollay



C31: leading in no Garbage truck zone

  • debate vs arguments
  • communication
  • building trust
  • Shared value / general rule
  • 8 steps
  • Four keys Good honest feedback

C32: Declaring a No Garbage Trucks Zone in your Organization

  • focus more on inquiry (try understand each other ideas and position) than advocacy (try to convince everyone that they were right).
  • show support, encouragement, or appreciation rather than disapproval, sarcasm or cynicism.
  • raise the level of communication, teamwork, trust and respect among employees
  • actively disengaged
  • although there will always be garbage, they don’t have to let other people’s garbage keep them from what’s important in their lives.
  • – whats is important in my lives?

– being distracted with negative thoughts, issues, behaviours, bad mood, attitude

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